Solar panel will produce DC (Direct Current) electricity, and this electricity will be run though inverter to produce AC utility electricity.

The typical grid interactive PV system is connected through the LT consumer panel, where in the consumer AC loads are also connected. The LT panel is also connected to utility side through a grid meter. The PV system supplies electricity to the utility and any daytime excess may be exported to the grid.

Solar Off-grid and Hybrid Systems to grid supply is not compulsory, battery storage is needed to provide power at night. Holiday or vacation homes without access to the electricity grid can use solar systems more cost-effectively than if the grid was extended to the location.

Solar PV systems are suitable for Residence, Officies, Industries, Parkings.

Solar PV Modules

We offer range of high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon PV modules in our production facility at Rajkot, India. With our state-of-art manufacturing equipment from leading equipment suppliers, robust in-house processes and systems to drive manufacturing excellence and a global supply chain and sales and distribution network, we are the preferred choice for products and services with “Made in India” brand at global scale.

EPC Services

Redren is fully forward-integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions provider. We deploy world-class technology to design, install and commission benchmark solar projects.

The highly skilled and dedicated EPC Team at Redren Solar ensures the completion of each solar plant from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifespan of the plant.

The Company, over the years, has developed expertise in engineering and technology, procurement and project management, construction and commissioning, with a strong command over asset management. Its business model ranges from the acquisition of developed sites to the servicing and maintenance.